Inspector Maigret

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It's time to introduce (or reintroduce) yourself one of the most important detectives in literature: Inspector Maigret.

A new recording of Géorges Simenon's classic Inspector Maigret series is now exclusively available on Audible. The Inspector Maigret series follows Inspector Jules Amédée François Maigret and his wife Madame Louise Maigret. But please just call him Maigret; the inspector prefers for everyone (including his wife) to call him simply by his last name. Maigret is a gruff but likeable French detective who relies just as much on his instincts as he does on evidence to solve each case. 

Géorges Simenon was a prolific Belgian author who wrote nearly 400 novels in his lifetime. He is best known for his Inspector Maigret works, of which he wrote 75 novels and 28 stories between 1931 and 1972. The Maigret stories have previously been adapted for a comic book series, television, and radio.

Gareth Armstrong narrates the entire series, and listeners will be impressed with his rendering of the series' many characters and their voices. In addition, listeners praised Armstrong's inflection and pacing, which add to the atmospheric suspense you'd expect from a mystery series. 

Maigret’s numerous adventures are episodic in nature, so as you’re choosing which audiobook to listen to next, know that you can pick them up in any order. But for a good introduction to the famous fictional detective, start with the first in the series: Pietr the Latvian. The first novel sees Maigret searching the city of Paris, through grimy bars, trains, and fancy hotels, on the hunt for the true identity of Pietr the Latvian. From there, plug into the next Maigret audiobook that most intrigues you. Each novel tells a gripping story that is sure to hold your interest.

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