Life Strategies for the Empath to Stay Away From Anxiety in Toxic Relationships, Dark Psychology Manipulation, and Complex PTSD

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Empath and Narcissist: 6 Books in 1 Publisher's Summary

How to break free from the negative people around you and start living the life you deserve!

  • Do you find yourself always exhausted because of consuming others' negative emotions?
  • Do you know someone that always turns others against you, making you feel crazy and never right?
  • Do you find yourself apologizing for your reaction to their bad behavior?

Whether these things have been caused by a narcissistic partner, family member, friend, or colleague, one thing remains true: You deserve none of it.

Psychologist and self-published author Ellen J. Cure knows this all too well.

Once a victim of gaslighting and narcissistic abuse, Ellen will give you the tools and insights she has learned to break free from her abuser's grasp and thrive in life as an empath!

Inside this 6-in-1 collection, you will find Ellen's best books. In the specific, with just one click, you will get: 

  1. The Highly Sensitive Person: 33 Self-Care Strategies to Survive & Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person
  2. Your Man Is a Covert Narcissist: 9 Subtle Manipulating Techniques He Is Probably Using on You Right Now (And How to Fight Back)
  3. Empath: A Survival Guide with Practical Strategies for Controlling Your Emotions, Nurturing Your Gift, and Thriving in Life
  4. Psychic Empath Abilities: A Practical Guide for Highly Sensitive People to Awakening Hidden Psychic Powers and Living an Empowered Life
  5. Gaslighting and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery: A Practical 3-Step Guide to Emotional Healing
  6. Dark Empath: How to Spot Subtle Dark Triad Traits in People Around You, Set Healthy Boundaries, and Protect Your Energy

This book's goals are plain and simple:

  • To help you develop an emotional filter that keeps out the negativity from your life 
  • To help you expose narcissists and manipulators around you at first sight
  • To help you heal from emotional abuse
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