Magic Tree House

71 books in series
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To everyone else, it might seem like nothing much happens in the small town of Frog Creek. But they haven’t stepped inside Jack and Annie’s magic tree house....

From sailing the high seas with Pirates to uncovering Ancient Egyptian mummies, the classic Magic Tree House series sees two spirited siblings go on journeys through space and time. Join Jack and Annie on their enchanting adventures and learn about history, solve riddles and uncover mystical objects. What wisdom do the Congo’s giant mountain gorillas hold? Can Jack and Annie save a tiger from a trap? Will they successfully scale Machu Picchu to find a missing llama?

Who better to tell the tales of the Magic Tree House than the author herself? Mary Pope Osbourne’s warm delivery of the adventures of Jack and Annie allows anyone that listens to conjure up images of the lush Congo, the seas of the Caribbean and America’s Old West. Switching effortlessly between Morgan, who tasks the children with their quests, Annie and Jack, Osbourne’s flawless performance ignites the imagination of children, regardless of their age.

By the time Osbourne was 15, she’d moved over 13 times, visited numerous states and journeyed abroad. Her dad’s job in the army meant that travelling was a part of life and it kindled a wanderlust in the author that would continue well into adulthood. The Magic Tree House is an extension of her adventurous spirit, allowing her to explore ancient villages, learn about religions and unearth civilisations that can be shared and enjoyed with her young listeners. 

With over 134 million copies sold, the Magic Tree House is one of the most popular chapter book series of all time. Jack and Annie were first introduced to the world in 1992 and, over 25 years later, continue to inspire generations of children to learn and develop. The series has been such a success that it’s even been adapted for theatre, with Lionsgate acquiring the rights for a Magic Tree House live-action film.

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