Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

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Guided Meditations for Kids: Meditation Exercises for Children to Relieve Anxiety, Release Negative Self-Talk, Manage Stress, Encourage Healthy Self-Esteem. Publisher's Summary

Guided Meditations Your Children Will Love

Do you want your children to be calmer and have less stress and anxiety? Through this meditation script, they can learn tools that will allow them to be more creative and productive at school and at home. How often have you seen your child talking negatively about other people or just thinking repetitive negative thoughts in general? Do they sometimes suffer from anxiety or anxiety attacks? Are they unfocused and easily upset? 

At the beginning of each meditation chapter, there is a simple hypnosis technique where they can walk down five steps or ride down five floors in an elevator to get them into a more relaxed state of mind. When the chapter is ending, they ride the elevator back up to floor five or climb back up five steps on the staircase, feeling better and more refreshed than when they began the meditation journey.

At the end of each meditation chapter, there is a note to parents/caregivers. Ideas for discussions to further the meditations can be found. For example in one of the mindfulness meditations, children can write a list afterwards of all the things they are thankful for - they will be amazed at how long the list becomes; it often goes on for another day or two, bringing a newfound sense of gratitude for even the very simple things in their young life.  

Here are some of the takeaways from this highly invaluable guided meditation resource for children:

  • How to increase the power of their imagination and creativity through powerful fantasy-like guided imagery. 
  • A step-by-step imagery script that can help you take your child in unknown yet much-desired lands.
  • Guided imagery for reducing stress and anxiety and making your child feel more relaxed, calm, and balanced.
  • Settings that vary from dancing dragon to magical castles to listening waters (everywhere that children love to be).
  • How to start and end guided meditation sessions to help the child benefit optimally from it.
  • Keeping your child engaged and hooked throughout the meditation session by using adding kind words.
  • How to shape your child’s imaginations to create positive thoughts and mental images and much more....

Think of what benefits your child will gain by listening to these wonderful, calming meditations. You can tell your friends and family also about the clear, quiet journeys of positive and calming joy. You will not be disappointed. How happy you will be to suddenly see your children closing their eyes and calming their thoughts on a regular basis. This meditation program is a gift of a lifetime. Calm thoughts and happy and less-stressful lives will follow! 

If you want to take the first step toward helping your child enjoy the munificent benefits of meditation, click on the buy now button to download your script today!

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