Miss Marple

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Miss Marple, elderly spinster and humble village resident, often finds herself at the center of murder in Agatha Christie’s celebrated series.

Murder in the village library, at the vicarage, or on a garden tour–nothing rattles the indomitable Miss Jane Marple, spinster and amateur sleuth. This beloved character, created by renowned mystery author Agatha Christie, frequently encounters the most baffling crimes in the most unlikely places as she goes about her daily life in the tiny English village of St. Mary Mead. Unassuming and astute, Miss Marple is always on the scene, quietly gathering clues, appraising suspects, and coming to clever resolutions.

Joan Hickson inhabits Miss Marple in all her unflappable charm. After playing Miss Marple on stage and in the BBC television series, for which she was awarded the OBE, the actress gives a sterling performance and vividly brings the modest yet razor sharp and resolute Jane Marple to life. Capturing Miss Marple’s essence, Hickson simply is the deceptively parochial lady with piercing insight to human wrongdoing. Installments in this series feature other talented narrators, including two acclaimed English actresses, Emilia Fox and Stephanie Cole.

Dame Agatha Christie is best known for her two iconic sleuths, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, and widely recognized for creating the modern murder mystery. Over her six decades as an author, she produced a total of 80 novels and short-story collections.

The Miss Marple mysteries have inspired numerous plays, movies, and television series, including the long-running Marple on A&E.

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