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Discover a dark fantasy world that’s home to monsters and follow the hard-boiled detective who isn’t afraid to take on its demons.

In a dark corner of London sits Nightside, an underworld where sci-fi technology and supernatural beings live side by side. Overruled by The Authorities, a mysterious and largely unknown committee that makes the decisions about what’s acceptable in the Nightside, this side of London lives under The Man. Enter John Taylor, a private eye with a knack for finding what’s lost. He roams the Nightside on jobs, weaving his way through the gods and inhuman creatures that live there. After all, you can find anything in the Nightside - if it doesn’t find you first.

Marc Vietor truly embodies the cynical investigator in his narration. You can hear every emotion that passes through John Taylor’s mind in Vietor’s voice, and its timeless feel perfectly completes the pulp fiction aura of Nightside. Combine the tongue-in-cheek writing with Vietor’s deadpan performance, and the tone is set right from the start of the audiobook. His outstanding performance will leave you unable to pause until the end - and then you’ll just want the next story.

Simon R. Green has been writing and publishing since 1973, with several book series and standalone novels that predate Nightside. After discovering Doctor Who on television at age eight, Green was hooked on genre fiction and later went on to produce well over 60 novels in science fiction, fantasy, and urban fantasy. He draws inspiration for his projects mostly from his own brainstorming sessions, sitting with a blank piece of paper and a pencil until an idea strikes.

Green is a New York Times best-selling author, with his Nightside series receiving plenty of positive reviews. Author Jim Butcher calls the first book, Something From the Nightside, “a fast, fun little rollercoaster of a story.... [M]acabre and thoroughly entertaining”. Meanwhile, the Midwest Book Review calls the second installment “an action-packed thriller, a delightful private eye investigative fantasy tale”.

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