Scott Jarvis Private investigator

11 books in series
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Scott Jarvis Private Investigator Series, Books 1-3 Publisher's Summary

In this jam-packed collection, you’ll follow along with Scott Jarvis, a young Florida-based private eye who has an unswerving knack for finding deadly trouble....

Police detective turned private, Jarvis himself shares his tales with you, delivering his stories in the perfect blend of New England sarcasm, witty banter, insightfulness, and courage destined to earn him a place in the private detective hall of fame.

Join Scott now in his first three adventures....


Slowly becoming disillusioned by the politics of police work, Detective Sergeant Scott Jarvis struggles to balance his need to serve and his desire to get the job done his own way...when a NASA engineer vanishes, Scott is thrown into the most convoluted and deadly case of his career...and when the rug is pulled out from under him just when he’s making progress, it’s time for him to choose his path....

As a private investigator, Scott can finally overcome all obstacles and get things done his way...or can he? When he’s once again embroiled in the case that pushed him into his new life, he finds that he’s in the middle of a web of organized crime and international espionage that could very well be his end! 

The Ledger

Three cases crop up at once and after a year in the private investigator game, Jarvis wonders if he can juggle it all alone.... A beautiful young woman is left holding the financial bag when her ex drains her bank and steals her car...a grocery store is being robbed from within under very suspicious circumstances...and a billionaire’s most prized possession - one that could bring his entire financial empire crumbling into dust has fallen into his enemies’ hands! 

What Scott Jarvis doesn’t suspect is that a common thread runs through all of his cases and in the blink of an eye, the amusement of each dissolves into a deadly web of lies, deceit, grand larceny, lust...and murder! 

Can young Jarvis unravel the tangles of these three puzzles before he becomes permanently trapped in the spider’s web? 

Play the Hand You’re Dealt

A successful gambling cruise line owner is being harassed by deadly racial threats...yet something much deeper and far deadlier is really behind it all. 

It seems as if everybody wants a piece of Lionel Argus’ it the beautiful and mysterious woman, is it the mob, a competitor...or is the real answer one that could spell the end of Argus’ business, violate the safety of his family and put Scott’s and Lisa’s lives in the gravest peril? 

If you’re a fan of crime fiction, action, adventure and thrillers, then this ever-expanding and ever more exciting series will provide you with hours of fun! From intrigue to romance, from bare knuckled fisticuffs to explosive gun battles, from spicey secret back room deals to bold kidnappings, you’ll find it all and more inside.... 

Join Scott Jarvis as his adventures take him across the breadth and length of Florida and beyond! 

©2021 Scott W Cook (P)2021 Scott W Cook
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