Tales from the Land of Ononokin

11 books in series
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Ononokin Big Comedic Fantasy Box Set Publisher's Summary

A land where laughs and adventure are the real magic...

All eight books from the Land of Ononokin are here in one big bundle!

Let's turn standard fantasy on its head! Fans of Monty Python and Discworld can jump into a bundle of comedic mayhem for one low price.

Goofy wizards, toothless vampires, business-savvy orcs, caring zombies, and a halfling mafia make up only a small cast of oddities that define the land of Ononokin! There's an Upperworld, an Underworld, an Afterlife, 12 Gods and the Fates who created them, and there are even hints of a Middleworld (though this is yet to be verified).

Most of all, there is laughter, adventure, and downright fun.

The first four books detail the adventures of Master Wizard Xebdigon Whizzfiddle and the little giant known as Gungren. These two are fan favorites, especially because they find themselves in loads of mischief all the time.

The second set of four take you on a journey through various parts of Ononokin, focusing in on the life of a character who simply wanted to go through their daily toils, only to find themselves swept up in an adventure.

All the stories are filled with laughs and mayhem.

If you're like the majority of Ononokin fans, you'll find yourself wishing you could escape our silly world and spend the rest of your days in Ononokin. Oh, it's silly in there, too, but it's a better kind of silly.

What you get:

The Whizzfiddle and Gungren Adventures:

  • Book 1: A Quest of Undoing
  • Book 2: The Kidnapped Prince
  • Book 3: Saving Major Wiggles
  • Book 4: The Ultimate Dragon Fighting Championship (UDFC)

Other Tales in Ononokin:

  • Book 5: The Full Moon Event
  • Book 6: Bob the Zombie
  • Book 7: Gappy's Gadgets
  • Book 8: Star Dwarves

That's a ton of comedic fantasy fun that will keep you giggling well into the night!

If you love Terry Pratchett, Robert Asprin, Piers Anthony, Discworld, Xanth, Myth Adventures, and/or Monty Python, you'll have a blast with the land of Ononokin.

Scroll up now and grab your copy today!

Please note these books are not intended for children. 

©2013 John P. Logsdon & Christopher P. Young (P)2021 John P. Logsdon & Living Audio CIC
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