The Evidence of Biblical Prophecy

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The Evidence of Biblical Prophecy, Volume 1 Publisher's Summary

Seven great chapters of topics related to Bible Prophecy that reveal how close we are to the end times! 

Chapter one - "Seven Future Events That Will Shake the World", by Ed Hindson. This is one heck of an outline of the seven big prophetic events that are dead ahead. Great for witnessing, Sunday school classes, small groups, or personal studies. Ed Hindson is always awesome and motivating! 

Chapter two - "Fifty Reasons Rapture's Close!", by Dave Reagan. Dave Reagan, one of the top Bible prophecy experts in the nation, takes you on an incredible journey through 50 Bible prophecies and how each is being, or has been, fulfilled. Jesus is coming soon! 

Chapter three - "Ten Truths About Rapture", by Andy Woods. Andy walks through a biblically solid and detailed outline of the coming rapture...that incredible future blink-of-an-eye moment when believers disappear from the earth. Excellent! 

Chapter four - "Great Last Days of Deceptions", by J.B. Hixson. The Bible is chock-full of prophetic predictions about the time in which we live. J.B., a seasoned writer/lecturer on premillennial/pretribulational doctrines, takes a look at Bible prophecy through the lens of Satan’s deceptive agenda. 

Chapter five - "Seven Huge Prophecy Lies", by Ed Hindson. The closer we get to the Second Coming of Christ, the more Satan works overtime to keep his lies on the front burner! Ed skillfully compares the truth with seven commonly accepted prophecy errors. 

Chapter six - "Ten Prophecies Fulfilled", by Tim LaHaye. Tim, author of the wildly successful Left Behind series and 30 other best-selling Bible-based books, has been teaching Bible prophecy using a literal hermeneutic for more than 50 years! These 10 prophecies get you fired up that the rapture is just a twinkle away!  

Chapter seven - "Jerusalem in Bible Prophecy", by Dave Reagan. Israel celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2018, and watching her is like watching God’s time clock - so goes Jerusalem, so goes the world.

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