The Phoenix's Ashes

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Rise of the Witch: Exiled World Publisher's Summary

It all started when he found me naked, in an alley, locked out of my hotel room.

There I was with my bare ‘derrière’ waggling behind a dumpster, and in walks Mr. 1950s with his expensive suit, smooth voice, and long hair that I could just see myself tangling my fingers in. Mr. 1950s was just the start, and now I’m stuck in a palpitating version of “It’s Raining Sexy Dragons”.

You might think that that’s the beginning of some epicly sexy happy ever after, but that’s not quite my style. You see, I’m a phoenix shifter and I am being hunted by the baddest Mother F-er around.

A king who thinks I’m the key to eternal life, and wants to drink my blood to get there. Sick.

These dragons are sure putting a wrench in my plans for staying alive, and not just because it’s killing me having to keep my hands off them.

Because, I want my hands to be everywhere. Hair. Lips. Legs… Ho-ly! No! I need to keep myself sane, alive, and clothed. Most definitely clothed.

Did you know a shifter has a “bristling mating instinct” when it comes to their mate. Yeah, neither did I. And here I am with three. I thought you were only supposed to have one.

I am so screwed. Literally.

Rise of The Witch is a full length Shifter Why Choose Paranormal Romance. Not only will you piss yourself laughing, but this series contains three sexy Dragon Princes, torn clothing, and a bristling mating instinct that cannot be controlled.

Recommended for 17+

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