Tormented Souls

7 books in series
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Tormented Souls Series Books 1-3 Publisher's Summary

The dead speak, and one man hears their harrowing cries....

Dan Tate survived a heartbreaking tragedy and is plagued by nightmares of his terrifying ordeal. Withdrawing into an emotionless shell, he has driven away everyone who cared about him. Dan is lost and utterly alone. Until he hears the voices....

In Coffin Cemetery, the anguished spirits cry out, seeking a way to move on. But Dan isn’t the only one who speaks with the dead. Janet Ladd, a greedy and corrupt medium, also hears their call. She intends to use these tormented souls to fulfill her own petty desires.

As the body count increases, panic and chaos ensue, and the police find themselves at a loss to explain the mangled corpses on the streets.

Dan and his ghostly allies are the only thing standing between Janet and the innocent citizens of Anger. He’s just one man...scared, broken, and traumatized by pain most can only imagine. But he’ll put his life on the line to defend his loved ones.

Even if it costs him his mortal soul....

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