Traitor Son Cycle

10 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 7,783 ratings


Ride into the wild and battle monsters with a band of unlikely, sword-wielding heroes in Miles Cameron's five-volume medieval fantasy epic, the Traitor Son Cycle.  

The Red Knight and his mercenaries will protect anyone for the right price. Stories of their skill at warfare and ferocious determination spread far and wide, earning them bigger and better opportunities—and deadlier enemies. Soon enough, the group that got its start defending nuns from forest creatures is called upon to rescue the Emperor from ruthless kidnappers and go toe-to-toe with a dragon that threatens the fabric of reality itself. As the stakes intensify, so do their personal squabbles. The warriors for hire will have to put aside their differences—and their greed—if they are to triumph. And triumph they must, for this ragtag bunch is the last line of defense against the end of the world. 

This occasionally grisly, always epic fantasy series will take you deep into the mud and blood with the Red Knight and his men. It combines popular fantasy elements—from magic and monsters to dragons and necromancers—with complex heroes, formidable villains, and a gritty tone. Peril lurks in every corner: clashing personalities pose just as big a threat as mythical beasts, and one-on-one scraps are mere previews for sweeping, earth-shattering battles. Shocking revelations push the Red Knight to the limit, physically and emotionally.  

Author Miles Cameron is a battle re-enactor and weapons specialist with a degree in Medieval History, as well as real-life strategic and combat experience as a military veteran. In this series of audiobooks, forceful narration by Matthew Wolf and British actor Neil Dickson brings Cameron’s medieval world and all of its intrigue, action, and dangers to life. For listeners who aren't afraid of the intense, gory side of fantasy, the Traitor Son Cycle is sure to captivate.  

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