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Song of the Fae Publisher's Summary

Imogen, captain of the Irish charter boat, Mystic Pirate, has little time for friends and doesn’t trust her lovers.

Perhaps the real issue is that she can’t trust herself, as she hasn’t yet found a good explanation for why otherworldly images dance before her eyes. Half-convinced that she is one step away from losing her mind, just like her mother, Imogen prefers to spend her life at sea with the only family she knows—her crew members.

Nolan, royal court advisor of the fae, has no time to suffer fools nor a fiercely stubborn and intoxicatingly beautiful woman who refuses to allow him to commandeer her boat to save the prince of fae’s love, Lily, from certain death. Despite Imogen’s bravery, Nolan manages to capture her boat and earns himself a sworn enemy in the process. But Nolan has bigger worries on his mind than a furious woman, like why have the water fae—the faction of elemental fae that he oversees—waged war upon Prince Callum?

Imogen is shocked to discover there’s a thin line between lust and hate, and she finds herself inexplicably entranced with Nolan, even though she’s certain he’s not of this world. Maybe it’s finally happened, and Imogen has stepped neatly through reality into a dream, where dark fae battle good, a princess needs rescuing, and Imogen’s heart begs to be with Nolan. As Imogen straddles the chasm between modern-day Ireland and the enchanting world of the fae, she must break open the chains she’s put on her past to uncover the one truth that might save them all.

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